Contemplating Strength

So I attempted to start the Whole 30 last week….yeah notice how the word attempted was used?  Before moving out of Florida I ate a pretty damn clean diet.  It wasn’t a struggle, it was just a series of daily choices.  I felt great, I liked how I looked, and it didn’t seem like a challenge.  Maybe it was because I was surrounded by people who had similar outlooks on the nutritional horizon?  I would like to say it was because I was more grounded emotionally, but lets be honest…that is rare.  Whatever the cause, I have not been doing myself any favors recently.  I have been eating fairly well all week, but when the weekend hits it becomes a free for all making my Mondays miserable.  Today I woke up feeling like I had poisoned myself somehow.  I know exactly how badly I feel when I eat too much crap candy…but I still find myself shoving it in my face by the bagful on Sunday nights.  I know exactly how badly my stomach hurts when I eat cheese…but I still find myself ordering it at restaurants.  So why do I seem to lack common sense in these situations?  Why do I lack strength?  So once again I am attempting to get it together today. I am going to begin the Whole 30 over in hopes that my choices will be better this week and I can find it in myself to remember why I am doing this.  Why it is important to me to treat my body well.  How it not only helps me physically, but emotionally when I give myself the quality food it deserves.  So I am crossing my fingers, clicking my heels, and wishing myself the best of luck in this re-booted journey. So far today I have made Sweet Potato Hummus (although I tweaked it by adding paprika and cumin to tone down the sweetness), baked some chicken thighs, and baked a spaghetti squash.  Tonight I will finish it all by putting together the ingredients for some Paleo Pad Thai from the cookbook Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan and baking a paleo egg casserole so I have eats for this week’s breakfasts and I don’t sneak down to the coffee shop for some not-so-paleo crustless quiche ( I am seriously addicted to that). I can do this….I think…I am pretty sure….hey, I am going to try my damnedest.

On a better note, I got to visit the new indoor climbing gym I have been hearing so much about.  I haven’t climbed in years and the times I have before have been so few I can count them on one hand.  Going into today I wasn’t exactly sure how well it was going to go, but I was excited how much better I did than I thought I was going to!  The amount of upper body strength I have accumulated through Crossfit in the last five years made my climbing experience so much more interesting.  I could hold on with my arms in positions I would have never been able to even attempt before. So yay me.  Not a bad day after all. Next time I am going to get my scaredy-cat ass off the auto-belay and attempt the big wall.



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